5 Optometrist Marketing Strategies to Attract Patients on social media 🤓

  1. Supply helpful tips 👓

Sharing helpful advice on social media is an excellent way to build relationships with current and potential patients, as well as prove your ability as an optometrist.

People will appreciate the useful information you supply and begin to view you as an expert in your field. Then, when they need to go to the eye doctor or need new glasses, they’ll be more likely to think of you first.

Try sharing information about how to take care of your eyes, choose a pair of glasses, and other helpful tips relevant to optometry.

👉🏻Our suggestion is to put together 6 months’ worth of tips e.g., 6-10 tips and share this as you go along, it will save you time and once it’s done, it’s done

  1. Supply visual content 👓

Visual content tends to perform well on social media. Visuals help get a user’s attention and increase engagement. On Facebook, for instance, posts with images get two times more engagement than those without.


Some visual social media ideas for optometrists include:


Pictures of happy patients wearing their new glasses


Pictures of your employees with some information about them to help patients get to know them


Photos of new frames you have available


👉🏻 Here we suggest doing a couple of photos every month, let’s say on a Friday, with relaxed clients and telling them you want to use it for social media. The nicer the client/patient, the easier this is, 4 happy client photos per month is more than enough (with names of course and caption e.g., Marissa Fourie with her brand-new glasses from our practice!)


  1. Post updates about your available frames/lenses and services/specials 👓

When you get new frames in, consider posting pictures of them to let your patients know.


You can also try posting a frame of the week to give your followers an idea of the kinds of options you have available.


This kind of content may encourage them to come in for an appointment and get a new pair of glasses. It’s also visual and engaging.


👉🏻We suggest once a month – featuring 1 or 2 items


  1. Share success stories 👓

Another useful tactic for social media for optometrists is to share patient success stories.


👉🏻Here are a few ideas:

We suggest you talk about how your practice helped a patient or solved a particularly challenging problem

Share patient reviews or testimonials

Share a photo of a patient with their new glasses on

We suggest 2 posts like this per month.


  1. Info from your other service providers 👓

Graphics or stats or facts from your suppliers that serves as mailers/advertisements


👉🏻Any news updates as you get it from your suppliers. They usually have all sort of nice designs and ideas that were done, these shouldn’t be wasted.


Just make sure you get a patient’s permission before posting about them or using their photos on your social media.


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