How to set up an autoresponder

Set-up an Auto Responder on a mailbox via Webmail

  1. Browse to WebMail
  2. Log in with your full email address and email password. (passwords are case-sensitive)
  3. Click on Settings (the cog icon at the top right)
  4. Click on Manage Mailbox
  5. Login with your mailbox password
  6. Scroll down to Autoresponse and edit as needed. Note: please don’t use any special characters, including apostrophe e.g. ‘I’m’, ‘we’ll’ or the autoresponder will not work correctly.
  7. Toggle the OFF switch to ON
  8. Click on Update Mailbox at the bottom of the page
  9. Your Autoresponder is now active. To test it, send an email to the address and see if you receive the auto response.