Social Media Engagement Is Where the Magic Happens for Your Business

Social media can pay off for your business, but simply being present there isn't enough. Here's how to engage to get more from your efforts.

Social media has become a must for most businesses. Why are more brands than ever interested in engaging on social media? Because more than half of the world’s total population now uses social media. 3.96 billion people use social media today, accounting for roughly 51% of the global population.

This means that more people now use social media than do not, and that number is growing.

There are almost 12 new users signing up for social media accounts every second.

Perhaps because more people are working from home, we're seeing more interaction on social media. Clients want to do even more on social, because they see a connection between increasing visibility, engagement, and sales.

To be successful, it’s not just about posting. It's also about actually engaging — you know, being social. That’s a GOOD thing, because when you engage with your followers on social media, that’s where the magic happens. That said, you can’t always measure the value of social media, and brands need to get comfortable with that.

A lot of the value comes from lurkers. Some studies say up to 90% of your audience may be lurkers.

One of my clients measures the value of its social media program based primarily on the fact that the executives at its parent company have noticed its efforts there — without “liking” or “sharing” a thing — and that makes it stand out from the other companies it owns (who aren’t active on social media). It’s a differentiator for my client.

If you’d like to be more active on social media, what can you or your brand do to be more engaging?

Post consistently

It’s not enough to just have an account. You should post regularly. It’s disappointing to look up a company on social media only to find it hasn’t posted in a year. If you need help with consistent posts, consider making use of our services. We have a dedicated team who can look after your account.

And remember that you don’t need to be active on every social media platform. That’s just setting yourself up to be overwhelmed. Choose the ones where your audience spends most of its time and focus on those.

Interact with others on social media

Be sure to follow other colleagues and industry leaders on social media and respond to their posts. If they comment on yours, be sure to acknowledge that. Remember, if someone tags you for your services on a post - the proper thing to do is A - acknowledge that and B - comment with your details for a prospective client to get in touch. Our packages do include this service for whenever we see someone asking for an industry related reference, but if you as the person (behind the brand) also comment, it sends out a whole new message. Try it sometime!

Curate content

It’s better to curate some of the content you post from other sources. If you only post content created by your organization, your followers are bound to get tired of you constantly talking about only yourself. Instead, spend a little time each day or week checking trusted sources of information like blogs, trade publications and news outlets for stories that might be relevant to your audience. Add your brief take on each, and voila, you have some great content to add to your feed. Some of our packages include posting industry related content to your page - taking the burden off you.

Be part of the process

Tons of information can be posted every day, with good results, but adding your personal touch to it, will make a world of difference!

Printed jackets have long been a staple item in any company uniform. 

Taking advantage of the requirement for employees to be warm and comfortable, to ensure happiness and productivity in the workplace, by providing them with a logo branded jacket can truly accelerate your brand image and offer several advantages for your business.

With so many styles to choose from, it’s never been easier to incorporate a professional, stylish, and on-brand jacket into your company uniform.

The different types of brandable workwear jackets

Softshell jackets

Lightweight yet warm and water resistant, softshell jackets are the perfect addition to just about any business’s workwear wardrobe.

Available in a range of different colors, fits and styles including those with or without hoods, you can tailor your softshell jackets to perfectly suit your working environment and existing uniform.

Who they’re perfect for

The versatility of softshell jackets means they’re suited to a range of different industries. They’re warm and convenient for outdoor workers to throw on over their t-shirts or sweatshirts, but also incredibly stylish and trendy meaning that they won’t look out of place in a corporate setting.

How they can be branded

Our range of softshell jackets can be branded with your logo via printing or embroidery. The design of the garment naturally provides a whole host of different logo placements to choose from and allows for several different sizing options for your printed logo to be displayed.

Either opt for a small, subtle logo added to the chest, or a full-size branding to the back – the choice is yours!

Padded jackets

Padded jackets, otherwise known as quilted or puffer jackets, are a medium to heavy outer layer constructed with panels of thermal lining for increased heat retention and comfort. They are a unisex jacket and universally popular for their snug, warm fit in the winter months. They typically feature two waist pockets and a hood as standard, with other features also present depending on the brand.

Who they’re perfect for

Due to their warm and comforting nature they make the perfect outer layer jacket for anyone that frequently works outdoors or visits outdoor locations as part of their working day. However, if the recipient works outdoors almost 100% of the time, then you may wish to opt for a heavy-duty outdoor jacket, which you can read more about below. Padded jackets also pair quite well with shirts and bridge the gap nicely between heavy outer layer and thin, corporate softshell.

How they can be branded


Padded jackets can be branded via either embroidery or printing.  The most common logo placement on printed jackets is the chest area, however the recipient is due to be out-and-about frequently, you may wish to add a larger message to the back of the jacket.

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Jackets

When black clouds come in and the winds pick up, reach for a heavy-duty jacket. These thick, waterproof, and hooded jackets exist only to protect you from the worst of weather conditions.

Gone are the days of these jackets being massive and cumbersome, with modern fabric technologies you can protect yourself from the worst conditions while remaining comfortable and mobile, leaving only the weather to make you miserable.

Who they’re perfect for

In truth, the outdoor jacket can be used by any member of staff, but those who spend the majority of their time outside will likely benefit from them the most.

For these workers getting wet isn’t a case of being a bit chilly at your desk, it’s being uncomfortable and therefore less efficient for the rest of the day. Make sure they are adequately equipped to stay warm and dry whatever the weather.

How they can be branded

As a jacket that is designed to defend against the wind and rain, the last thing you want to be doing is poking several hundred holes in it to embroider it. Instead, printing is the ideal method of applying your branding to these outdoor jackets.

Both methods can be applied to just about any area on the jacket, in full color and in all realistic sizes.

Wind & water repellent jackets

There is nothing worse than when it is pouring with rain and very strong winds. It’s never a nice situation to be in, however, a wind and water repellent jacket will help to combat this issue and will support you in all weather conditions.

The jacket itself is comfy too so even if you are covered from the rain, you will still be dry and warm.

Who they’re perfect for

The jacket is perfect for any worker who is working outdoors when the weather isn’t great, as all the team members will be kept dry if they’re outside.

With the hood being double layered in self fabric with an elastic binding, this will ensure if there is heavy rain in the working environment then the hood won’t easily come off your head as it will be more secure – therefore you will not have to continuously put your hood above your head.

How they can be branded

A great addition you can have with this jacket too is that you can add a logo on it, so for every team member that needs a winter, water repellent jacket they can show off their company’s logo proudly.

Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are one of the more stylish jackets you can wear, and they are incredibly versatile too. The jacket can be worn by any team member, and they are available in a variety of colors so you can feel even more comfortable in the jacket.

Our bomber jackets come with either a collar or without one and they’re available at a great price.

Who they’re perfect for

The jacket is ideal for any team member to wear as you can feel comfortable in all working environments, if the office is feeling cold then the bomber jacket will keep you warm too as the sleeves are warm lined, perfect for when it is winter time.

With it being a lightweight jacket too you will feel at the right temperature, so you do not have to take it off as much.

How they can be branded

Logos are available to be printed onto the jacket too so you can showcase your company’s brand the best way and feel proud to do it.

The logo can be full of colour and if it starts to rain, the bad weather will not affect the fabric.

Hi-Visibility jackets

Our Hi Visibility jackets are perfect if you are working outside late at night as they come in bright fluorescent colors so it can be clearly seen that you are in a working environment.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays react with the colors on the jacket so it will create a glowing appearance – this glow effect can be stronger at times when it is dusk or dawn.

Who they’re perfect for

The jackets are ideal for team members who are working in an outdoor environment so they will be clearly seen. The material is made of a soft material so the jacket will provide warmth and comfort when you’re wearing it, so you will be kept warm when you’re working outside.

Furthermore, wearing this will potentially protect your staff from an accident in a dangerous working environment.

How they can be branded

Having a logo printed on to the Hi-Vis jacket will further show which company you work for as you can have the logo on the back as well as the front.

In addition, if you’re working for a large company then having a logo is crucial because you can identify any staff members and which location they are in.

But what are the benefits?

Not just an extra layer to add to the company uniform, printed jackets are a worthwhile investment for a whole host of different reasons.


Employees are one of your biggest assets in terms of how your company image is perceived by the public. One of the major advantages of branded jackets, and branded workwear in general, is that they work towards creating a smart and professional image of both your staff and company as a whole.

First impressions always count, and if a potential customer is greeted by a high quality, professionally branded uniform that can reflect upon the quality and professionalism of your services and/or products.

Builds brand awareness

Printed jackets are a logical choice for any company looking to boost their brand awareness and visibility. While your staff are wearing company printed jackets, they’re advertising your brand without even thinking about it.

A good quality branded jacket can be worn both inside and outside of the workplace, with the potential to be seen by many and serve as a visual reminder of your brand. This ongoing exposure has the potential to drive interest to your business, and should this turn into sales or leads, you could be looking at a positive ROI.

Great for commutes & external meetings

Kitting out your staff with a warm and comfortable branded jacket is everything they need to set them up for their cold morning commutes and trips outside of the office for important client meetings.

Having their own extra layer to hand is both convenient and essential, helping them to be prepared for any outdoor ventures whilst ensuring they’re dressed smart and on-brand at all times.

Staff don’t have to wear their own

A working environment without uniform structure, even if that structure is a relaxed set of guidelines, can add unnecessary pressure on employees who struggle to put together a smart outfit each morning. Rather than relying upon staff to turn up to work adhering to dress codes, you can provide them with an outer layer that meets the standards you have set.

There is also a big element of professionalism involved with providing your work force with uniform to wear, instead of having them wear their own clothes. Over a sustained period of time staff stand to save a small fortune through buying fewer outer layers in the winter months.

Pride and unity

When employees both look and feel great it cultivates a positive working environment and, dare we say, a touch of pride in the task at hand. It’s important for staff to know that they are working for a company that takes pride in their appearance, and there’s no better way of showing them that than by investing in quality workwear for them to feel comfortable in.

To further increase the sense of unity, why not make the selection of workwear an inclusive team event? There is an opportunity to gauge staff opinion on variables like look, feel and color. With staff included in this process they are more likely to end up with workwear they actually want to wear, and they’ll be all the more productive for it.

Health and safety

There are certain service industries that require uniforms to keep staff distinguishable. In outdoor events, for example, staff in printed jackets will be easily identifiable for attendees.

Being able to clearly tell who is working on site is vital in an evacuation situation, and the last thing you want is for staff to blend into the crowd.

From a customer service perspective, it makes staff much more approachable and inviting, as they can be quickly found in times of need.

So, whether you opt for the classic Softshell or a Bomber Jacket, print or embroidery - make sure your company's name is out there!

Ever wondered why website maintenance is important?

In short:  Website Maintenance is the act of constantly reviewing your website for problems and errors, as well as keeping it updated and relevant. This should be done regularly so that your site remains healthy, that there is steady traffic to your site, and that your SEO and Google rankings remain strong.

What’s Included in Website Maintenance?


Update Testing

At least once a year, and after any updates, test your entire website. Check that all features work, that no links are broken, and that no information is outdated or incorrect. Bring in someone who is not affiliated with your company to evaluate the usability of your website.

Browser Testing

Test whether your website works correctly in several versions of mainstream browsers at least once a year.

Half Yearly

Test your Website’s Forms and Checkout Process

Make sure all your forms and checkout processes are working properly at least once every six months.

Clean Up the Website

Clean up your website at least once every six months from spam comments, unused plugins, unpublished pages, and posts, and images.



If something goes wrong with your website, backing it up can help you avoid losing a lot of time and money. If you have an automatic backup feature, test it once a month to make sure it is working. Complete a manual backup at least once a month if you do not have automatic backups.

Software Updates

Check your hosting providers, security providers, and other third-party software (e.g., WordPress) updates monthly. These updates ensure that your website’s functionality and security are up to date. If possible, apply patches as soon as they are available. If this seems like a daunting task, get a company to do this for you.

Google Analytics

Review your website’s performance at least once a month using tools like Google Analytics. Examine your key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that your website is assisting you in achieving your objectives. Make the necessary changes and review your main metrics to improve your site’s results.

Website Speed

Test your website speed at least once a month, you can use the free platform such as Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix and debug the issues.

Website Maintenance Improves Security

Security is the key reason for the importance of website maintenance. If your company uses a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, you will want to make sure it is up to date on software fixes and security updates. If you do not do so, hackers will have access to your website’s data.

Website Maintenance Boosts Site Traffic

Search engines like Google boost the rankings of websites that are updated frequently to offer the highest quality content to users. A higher ranking boosts your website’s popularity, increasing the chances that your content will show up as your target audience searches for relevant keywords. Adding useful content to your website, repairing broken links, removing redundant pages, and keeping your content up to date can help you attract new and returning visitors.

Website Maintenance Optimizes the Visitor Experience

Adding sharable content to your website on a regular basis, such as upcoming activities, image galleries, and blogs, gives your audience an idea of who you are and what you do. Include actionable things like a newsletter signup form and social media icons that connect to your organization’s profile to engage your audience. A well-maintained website aids in the promotion of your company’s image, job, and mission.

Let's Connect & Get Your Website Evaluated. Get In Touch Today!

Future Branding provides dependable and cost-effective website maintenance services with no long-term commitments. SEO, hosting, protection and updates, backups, assistance, and peace of mind are all services we provide. Consider contacting us if you are unsure if you are maintaining the health of your website.

A gift shows your appreciation for your clients in such a powerful way.

Here are the top 7 benefits of giving your clients gifts this holiday season.

Like every other business out there, your goal is to create solid, long-term relationships with your clients that keep them returning to your business, year in, year out. As a small business owner your company thrives on customer relations, so keeping your customers happy is an absolute priority.

Giving gifts to your clients during the holiday season is one of the easiest ways to show them that you care about them and value them – beyond the money they pay you for your goods or services.

A thoughtful gift with an accompanying card shows your appreciation for your clients in the most powerful way imaginable. With that in mind, here are the top 7 benefits of giving your clients gifts this holiday season…

  1. Shows your clients how grateful you are for their business

At this time of year, gifting your clients is the ideal way to show them how much you appreciate them as an individual as opposed to simply a means to an end.

  1. Sends a personal message

Putting some thought into a meaningful gift highlight just how much you value them and the relationship that you have generated, whilst also showing your desire for this to remain a long-term relationship.

  1. A form of self-promotion

Sending gifts to clients is a fantastic way to self-promote your business, as the recipient of the gift will be much more likely to think of you for their next project. Even if the gift doesn’t have a corporate theme to it (i.e., isn’t promotional or branded), your clients will still remember the thought that went into the gift you gave them.

  1. Shows your creative side

Giving gifts is also a fun opportunity to show off your creative skills, particularly if you choose to design your own Christmas cards, labels or even wrapping paper! Your clients will be impressed by the extra effort you’ve put into their gift and will be talking about it for months to come, well beyond the holidays!

  1. Rewards your customers

Building strong relationships with your customers is a major advantage of gift giving. Your most valuable clients deserve to be thanked for the business they bring to your company, especially at this time of year. If you’ve got some particularly important customers who’ve brought in a lot of business, it’s essential to put a lot of thought into their gift so that it’s personalised, memorable and meaningful.

  1. Strengthens relationships

Letting your clients know that you value them for their business is a traditional benefit of holiday gifting. These gifts are ideal for strengthening relationships with important customers. Generally, the most appreciated gifts are those that are not perceived as promotional but don’t be afraid to incorporate your company’s name or logo in a tasteful way.

  1. A form of advertising

Finally, if you choose to go down the corporate gifting route (in the form of branded and promotional corporate gifts), this is an excellent way to remain at the forefront of your customers’ minds. Distributing promotional corporate gifts is essential to the growth of your business. When a client receives a gift with your company’s name and contact details on it, they will remember your business every time they use that item.

Need our help?

Are you seeking out a creative digital and marketing agency to do the challenging work for you? Then you’ve come to the right place. Future Branding is your leading branding and web design agency with a special focus on creative, contemporary services guaranteed to get your business noticed by an even wider audience.

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  1. Supply helpful tips 👓

Sharing helpful advice on social media is an excellent way to build relationships with current and potential patients, as well as prove your ability as an optometrist.

People will appreciate the useful information you supply and begin to view you as an expert in your field. Then, when they need to go to the eye doctor or need new glasses, they’ll be more likely to think of you first.

Try sharing information about how to take care of your eyes, choose a pair of glasses, and other helpful tips relevant to optometry.

👉🏻Our suggestion is to put together 6 months’ worth of tips e.g., 6-10 tips and share this as you go along, it will save you time and once it’s done, it’s done

  1. Supply visual content 👓

Visual content tends to perform well on social media. Visuals help get a user’s attention and increase engagement. On Facebook, for instance, posts with images get two times more engagement than those without.


Some visual social media ideas for optometrists include:


Pictures of happy patients wearing their new glasses


Pictures of your employees with some information about them to help patients get to know them


Photos of new frames you have available


👉🏻 Here we suggest doing a couple of photos every month, let’s say on a Friday, with relaxed clients and telling them you want to use it for social media. The nicer the client/patient, the easier this is, 4 happy client photos per month is more than enough (with names of course and caption e.g., Marissa Fourie with her brand-new glasses from our practice!)


  1. Post updates about your available frames/lenses and services/specials 👓

When you get new frames in, consider posting pictures of them to let your patients know.


You can also try posting a frame of the week to give your followers an idea of the kinds of options you have available.


This kind of content may encourage them to come in for an appointment and get a new pair of glasses. It’s also visual and engaging.


👉🏻We suggest once a month – featuring 1 or 2 items


  1. Share success stories 👓

Another useful tactic for social media for optometrists is to share patient success stories.


👉🏻Here are a few ideas:

We suggest you talk about how your practice helped a patient or solved a particularly challenging problem

Share patient reviews or testimonials

Share a photo of a patient with their new glasses on

We suggest 2 posts like this per month.


  1. Info from your other service providers 👓

Graphics or stats or facts from your suppliers that serves as mailers/advertisements


👉🏻Any news updates as you get it from your suppliers. They usually have all sort of nice designs and ideas that were done, these shouldn’t be wasted.


Just make sure you get a patient’s permission before posting about them or using their photos on your social media.


💡 Don’t let the competition gain your potential patients by having a stronger presence. Future Branding is on the fore front of strategic social marketing, promoting your office and optical services through the power of social media and positive exposure.


Postcards are dated and emails are easily overlooked. Today, social media is the most cost effective and productive way to promote one practice, and Future Branding specializes in organic and efficient strategies that have helped our clients generate income and revenue.


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Facebook Marketing for your business, and how to do this yourself.

Facebook advertising is an important way to connect with your audience on the world’s largest social network. How large? 2.80 billion monthly active users large, to be precise.

Sure, that’s an impressive number. But Facebook ads are all about getting your message in front of exactly the right segment of those people. The people who are most likely to want your products or services.

If you want to get the best results, it’s important to understand how Facebook works before you decide to dive in.

In this Facebook ads guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know, from planning your first ad to developing advanced campaign strategies.

🥕Whether you’re creating your first or 100th Facebook Ad campaign, use these 10 best practices to make sure it’s a success:

But let's start with something fun... did you know the most popular color to use on Facebook is yellow? 🟡 Yes, you read that right, try to incorporate as much yellow as you can, without overkilling your ad of course!!🟨

👉🏻 Set Clear Business Goals – Here are some questions to consider:

💎 What is your overarching business goals?

💎 What do you hope to accomplish with this specific campaign?

💎 Do you want to drive traffic to your online store?

💎 Do you want to promote your store locally?

💎 Are you notifying your customers about a sale or promotion?

💎 How does this campaign fit with your overall marketing strategy?

👉🏻 Check out the Competition - This Facebook feature means presenting your business and products to people who are not immediately seeking to make a purchase.

To create successful ads on this platform, first look at your competitors. Learn which type of ads work and which don't. Look out for content that catches your eye and makes you click.

Get a feel for the tone of voice that businesses use. Take note of which ones inspire engagement by looking at their likes and comments.

Create a list of ads that generate high levels of engagement. Write down what makes these ads stand out. Use these ideas when you build your own campaign.

👉🏻 Plan Your Budget - Determine how much money you’ll invest in your campaign. Then, plan your campaign run time. If you are outsourcing your Facebook marketing, you’ll have a fixed amount that you can budget every month.

👉🏻 Target Your Ideal Audience - The key to creating a successful ad campaign is showing it to the right people.

Facebook charges you per impression and per click, so you must be strategic about finding your audience. Make sure the people seeing your ads are the ones most likely to purchase your products.

If you create your ad on Facebook Ads Manager, start by imagining your ideal customer. Are they male or female? How old are they? Where do they live? What do they do? What are their interests? If you can, try to define them as much as possible. This will narrow down the group you target.

👉🏻 Perfect Your Photos - Facebook is largely a visual medium. When it comes to attracting attention and creating buyer confidence, high-quality photos are a must. Learn how to take perfect product photos and use them to your advantage.

👉🏻 Use Good Lighting: Quality lighting ensures the item, and its details are clearly visible. Try to avoid harsh shadows. Wait for a cloudy day to achieve a softer look or use a reflector or diffuser.

👉🏻 Stand out from Your Background: The item you want your viewer to focus on should clearly contrast with its background. Consider using solid colour backdrops. Try not to get too creative. Let the product be the main subject of the photo.

👉🏻 Make It Match Your Brand: Use photographs that fit with your store’s brand. Add a logo watermark to your photos but keep it subtle. Don’t let it distract from your product.

👉🏻 Avoid Common Photography Mistakes: Take professional photos. Make sure they aren’t grainy, blurry, or cropped awkwardly. Check that your photos fit Facebook’s image requirements.

👉🏻 Make It Pop: Don’t be scared to use bright or bold colours. Your images need to grab the attention of shoppers and make them want to buy.

👉🏻 Avoid Using Too Much Text: Facebook doesn’t allow photos that include text covering more than 20% of the image. Edit down your text. Put any extra information in your ad description.

Preview your Facebook ad to make sure the images look great on all platforms before you publish.

👉🏻 Create Great Copy - The quality of your text can make or break your ad campaign.

Carefully crafted captions make your store look professional and can convince people to pay attention to your ad.

When writing your ad description, here are a few things to keep in mind:

💡 Write a clear call to action. Your customers need to know exactly what you want them to do next. Use a call to action that creates urgency. Encourage people to make that purchase now, not later. Reassure them that buying from you is the best option and that you can offer something your competitors can’t.

💡 Clearly explain what you offer. Text is there to provide your customer with more information. If your text isn’t complimenting your image, revise it. Look at your ad from the perspective of someone who has never heard of your business. Do they understand what you sell? Can they tell what makes you unique? Is your product’s value clear?

💡 Avoid typos. A misspelled word or even an ill-placed comma can distract from your message and make your business seem unprofessional. Before publishing, have someone else look over your text.

💡 Attract attention. Your text needs to entice casual shoppers. So, think about your customers' state of mind and how they feel. Then, tap into this emotion with simple and clear language that drives them to act. Convince them that it will be worth their while to look at what you’re selling.

💡 Speak your customers’ language. Try to use language that is unique to your target shoppers. Emojis can make your ad feel friendlier, but make sure they work with your brand.

👉🏻 Integrate Instagram - Have beautiful product images? Don't forget about Instagram. Instagram users are 58 times more likely to engage with branded content than Facebook users.

Instagram ads are also ideal for targeting younger audiences. In fact, more than half of Instagram users are under 34. So, if you’re targeting this age group, this could be the platform for you.

🎁 To start, make sure to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can do this by tapping the settings icon on Instagram. Then choose Accounts and tap Linked Accounts. Select Facebook and log in.

👉🏻 Make It Timely - Make the most of holidays by running campaigns during peak seasons. Use ad campaigns that match the time of year.

Add a sense of urgency to your copy by referring to the upcoming holiday.

Update your images, product pages and logo with seasonal elements. Make your ads stand out from the competition during the holiday season.

Review your top-selling products from the previous year. Advertise them during this peak shopping time.

Use lesser-known holidays to add a fun element to your campaign, like National Inventors' Day or National Selfie Day. Creating a campaign around these offbeat holidays can attract new customers and boost engagement on social media.

🛍 So, it’s official, you NEED TO BE ON FACEBOOK! And whether you want to try this out yourself (free - with our advice), have this service outsourced (packages available from R550 per month), or even want to invest in doing a short course for your staff to take care of this in-house (from R2500 via Zoom), we are here to assist you!

Do Promotional Products Work?

🎁 Who doesn’t love a gift? 🎁

Promotional products are useful tangible items imprinted with an advertiser's name, logo or message designed to increase brand awareness among consumers. Promotional products are an incredibly powerful marketing tool since they allow a brand to connect with consumers by engaging their senses.

🎁 As one of the only forms of advertising that allows consumers to interact with a brand on a physical level, promotional products often create a more memorable brand experience.

💰 Do Promotional Products Work?

👉🏻 88% of promotional product recipients remember the name of the advertiser on the products.

👉🏻 85% of the recipients do business with the advertiser on the product. 83% of people like receiving them.

🔥So, to summarize... Promotional Products Work and they can make your campaign SUPER SUCSESFUL!

Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members to assist you in your promo product journey!


Promotional products are ideal for creating awareness.

People keep promotional products – that’s for sure!

82% say they own one. While 47% say they have kept them for over a year.

📢Choose the right promotional products for the right audience. Explore the options. Talk to someone who knows.

🔴 CUSTOMIZE ANY PRODUCT FOR YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE - From lip balm to a wireless mouse to paper airplanes, promotional products come in all shapes, sizes, and colours.  In many cases, it’s even possible to obtain custom items that aren’t usually found in promotional product catalogues. If you can see it and touch it, it’s most likely available as a promotional product. This allows you to customize a marketing campaign so that it’s more relevant to a specific demographic you want to target.

Creating brand experiences that last.

🟡 BE MEMORABLE & STAY CONNECTED - Every day you hear about a new endurance race, a new music festival or a new community event. Today’s consumers expect brands to reach them on a personal level. What better way to connect with consumers at these events than with promotional products?

Our Promotional consultants go beyond just selling products.

Our team of professional and experienced promotional consultants will help answer your questions—even those you might not think of or didn’t know you needed to ask.

He or she will be able to help you design a program to get results and save you time and money in the process.

🏆 Ready to design a winning campaign? Contact us!

🌐There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to running your business. Stressing about keeping your website up to date shouldn’t be one of them.

Your website plays a crucial role in the success of your business. It generates leads, customers, and revenue.

It’s how customers find and connect with you. But, just like any software, websites require maintenance to keep them working properly.

Website problems come in all shapes and sizes, but they usually fall into one of three categories: user experience (UX) issues, content issues, and problems with the design or build itself.

Let’s talk about common signs of a bad website – and how to fix these web design mistakes.

UX Issues:

👉🏻Too many menus or options

👉🏻Unclear path to important info

👉🏻Rabbit hole navigation

👉🏻404 Page is a dead end

👉🏻Links leave your site behind

👉🏻Too many callouts or intrusions

👉🏻Unclear words on buttons and menus

Content Issues:

❌Unclear purpose

❌Off-brand messaging

❌Poor visual content

❌No audience segmentation

❌Trying for two primary audiences

❌Not about the customer

❌Incorrect and ignored optimization

Design/Build Issues:

⚠️Not mobile friendly

⚠️Too slow

⚠️Not secure

⚠️Information overload

⚠️Overly minimalist

⚠️Overly creative

If you can say yes to three or more of the points on this list, there’s a good chance you’ve got a bad website.

But truth be told hitting even one of these points can be enough to drive a potential customer away.

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🥺 Here’s a sad scenario.

Someone sends a prospective client your way. They’re a warm, maybe even a hot lead.

Before contacting you, they do what everyone else does — they visit your website to check you out.

Then nothing. They don’t call for an appointment. No email inquiry. Nothing. Just crickets.

What happened?

Your poorly designed website scared them away.

Instead of giving them confidence and establishing trust, your site did just the opposite. It created doubt, uncertainty, and a general feeling of uneasiness about you and your company.

They click the “back button” on their browser and go somewhere else — probably to one of your competitors with inferior services to yours, but with a better website.

👍🏻 But What Makes a Good Website?

✅ Prominently display your address and phone number + make it easy for people to contact you via email or contact form.

✅ Have your website professionally designed. It shouldn’t look like it was built by a 6th grader.

✅ Provide a good user experience when they visit your site. Make sure your content is organized and easy to navigate. Get rid of superfluous content and other distractions that don’t contribute to your overall message.

✅ Display testimonials from actual customers, with their pictures if available.

✅ Keep your site’s content up to date. Visitors also want to see content that is current and relevant

✅ Profile the people behind your company. People do business with other people. Prospective clients want to know who they’ll be dealing with. Tell your story. Let people get to know you.

✅ Make sure your content is free of typos and errors. Nothing screams amateur like misspelled words and grammatical errors.

👍🏻 Did you know that:

👉🏻75% of consumers admit that they judge a business’ credibility based on their website design.

👉🏻 Poor website loading speed can be extremely harmful to businesses. Most consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. 79% of shoppers reported that they would not return to purchase from a slow loading website.

👉🏻 Websites must be mobile-friendly and optimized to adapt to various interfaces. According to comScore, the number of users accessing content online through their mobile devices has surpassed those who use a desktop.

👉🏻 Website clutter is a huge deterrent. Ex: Too many Flash animations, ad prompts, auto-play videos, background music, etc.

👉🏻 Once again, site navigation is a factor that hurts conversion. Confused, frustrated prospects don’t buy.

👉🏻 A missing or confusing call-to-action. You must let your visitor know what you want them to do next. Don’t assume they’ll know. Be direct and specific. Gently nudge them where you want them to go.

👍🏻 Our Advice:

💎Quickly explain what’s in it for them. Avoid droning on about endless features, benefits or all your accolades. Prospective clients are interested in one thing, “Can you help me?”

💎Make sure to use credibility elements such as customer testimonials, BBB, and other well-known accreditations. Otherwise, your visitors have only your marketing propaganda to go by.

💎Your site must be mobile-friendly. As mentioned above, more people today access the Internet from mobile devices than from desktop computers.

💎Creating user-friendly website navigation is far more complex and nuanced than meets the eye. Good navigation is intuitive and simple and makes it easy for visitors to quickly find what they need.

💎Eliminate fluff and weak language. “We’re the best,” “we’re the cheapest,” “we’re the most innovative,” tells your reader nothing. Provide details about why your company is different or what they can expect when they do business with you.

💎Stay away from cringeworthy, cheesy stock photos that everyone uses. These make you look phony and amateurish. When possible, use your own custom images. It’s ok to use custom stock imagery if it’s professional and high-quality but be prepared to dig a little bit to find the good stuff.

💎As mentioned above, your site needs to be mobile-friendly. Mostly to provide a good user experience to your visitor, but also for search engine rankings. In April 2015, Google publicly stated that it’ll give preference in the search listings to web pages that are mobile-friendly vs. those that are not.

👍🏻 Our website maintenance plans offer more than just quick fixes; they also keep your website optimised and running at its best. It’s important to think about your website’s maintenance and it’s imperative to have maintenance done on it at least every 6 months.

Ask yourself:

❓Is your website software up to date?

❓Do you have a regular schedule for website maintenance?

❓Do you have support when something goes wrong?

❓Do you know how your website is performing each month?

❓When did you last backup your website?

❓Are you wasting time trying to maintain your website yourself?

❓Is the information on your website up to date?

❓Is your website host causing you to lose potential clients?

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